Speech Therapy in the Pool!

Connecticut Speech Therapy in a poolWHY A POOL?

Almost every child can benefit from aquatic speech therapy sessions. Being in the water provides an environment with unique advantages over other treatment:

– Water is a provides gentle and potentially relaxing environment.
– Water is motivating and reinforcing. Splashing, pouring, jumping, kicking!
– Water enables some children to tolerate tactile cues used to facilitate speech production and articulation.
– Many children will engage and attend to tasks for longer periods of time in the water.
– Water provides the PERFECT opportunity for playing games, social language skills and developing social skills with peers and other adults.
– Pictures and iPads can be adapted to be used for aquatic speech therapy sessions.
– The natural resistance of the water can provide a calming effect for many children. The consistent sensory feedback their bodies receive in the water help active, sensory seeking children to relax and focus.

We have many children that are working on daily living skills and routines. Aquatic speech therapy sessions are a perfect opportunity to practice these skills:

– Before the pool the children can practice undressing and dressing routines, and a toileting routine.
– After each session the children can practice shower routines and, again, dressing routine.